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My Awards Page


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Wow!! Look what I won!
in SGM MessageBoard Contests

Won in Lady Selenes Halloween Bash

Won In Halloween Bash

Rita's Special Site Award

Thank you Rita

Gaunja's Spirit of Love & Beauty Award

Ahe 'hee ~Gaunja

Cleo's Awarad

Thank You Cleopatra

TimberCarver Brotherhood Award

Thank You TimberCarver

Speaking Turtle Award

*Wliwni* Speaking Turtle

Whitedove Award

'Thank You WhiteDove'

Open Winged Heart Award

Thank You Lady Iris for this award


Sequita's BestWeb Award

Thanks So Much Sequita

'Mitakuye Oyasin'P.J.




Thanks Hacksaw

*Thanks Hacksaw*





Please Don't Sign htmlGear Book below!!
It seems GuestGear/Lycos are now dictating
which version of Netscape you must have
to sign or view their books so I've
switched to another brand of guestbook.
Please sign this one from Phaistos.


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My TinLizzie Site Awards






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