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To Tin Lizzie's
Eminent Domain

For those who are wondering about me, I
grew up in Indiana(Hoosier) w/4 brothers.
As far back as I remember I was a 'tomboy'.
I probably spent the first 10 yrs in trees,
with a gang of boys playing ball or doing
dangerous stunts. No dolls & frills for me.
I've even lived on a farm and milked cows
and slopped the hogs. I'm sharing a bit of
myself, interests, dreams & things dear to me.
I have an affinity for the dove & things of a
military nature. The flag, Taps, parades put a
lump in my throat. You would never know it but
under this tough, hard exterior lies an
emotional soft hearted soul. It's been quite
an experience doing these pages. I've learned
much about people, computers & life. I've
made friends & they touched me in many ways.
By the power of words you get to know
others with no physical presence.
Our words convey inner thoughts and we listen
with our hearts. It's my hope I can return
a bit of what I have received


As I reflect on my life, I see many things I think
I would do differently. With age comes a sense of
what is really important in, friendships,
inner beauty & strong character. If I could go back and
start my life over, these are the things I'd strive for.
I'd work harder to develop my mind & compassion toward
others. But I suppose this time, early in life is needed
as a learning process. It's necessary to experience all
the aches & pains of childhood, terrible teens and the
early years to truly understand what matters most in life,
to love, be loved and respected. While pondering this, I
realize that all these experiences have molded me & made me
the person I am today. So..would I change my life if I had
the chance? Upon reflection of this..I think not! It's all
part of God's plan for my life and it's a certainty that he
knows more than I. Knowing now what is important in life
and without the shield of childhood behind which to hide, I
will strive to become the person I want to be.
So if I have 1 day or 50 yrs. left to live, it
will be used to become a messenger of love and truth.


Carefully watch your thoughts for they become
your words. Manage & watch your words, for they
will become your actions. Consider and judge your
actions, for they will become your habits.
Acknowledge and watch your habits for they shall
become your character, for it will become your
destiny and your dreams.

'In The Garden' sequenced by Bruce DeBoer 2003
And Used With Permission

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