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Being of Native American
Descent, I Wanted to Create
a Site in Keeping With That Theme..
Here Is A Poem, Which I Truly
Enjoy & Expresses What I Believe.
Wanted To Share It With You..
Eco-Hutke(WhiteDeer) a.k.a."Tin Lizzie"

Holley Oldfield-Schultz

I am but a spirit placed upon this land
traveling many roads learning what I am
seeking for answers that lay deep within
memories from another time show me were I have been
visions and dreams guide me on my path each day
time is but an instant as I travel on my way
that which we hold on to is what we must let go
for it is in the receiving that our spirits truly know
what is ours comes freely can not be held so tight
for only in the freedom can spirit truly feel the flight

Creators love surrounds us as it is placed within our souls
like a buried treasure some may never truly know
we struggle with our journey and travel paths so dark
that we no longer hear the beating of our heart
the beating of a heart beat that carries in our veins
the very blood that carries us down lives so many lanes
for in the beating of this heart, that lays so deep inside
is the sound of our own voice, from that we can not hide

For we are but pure spirit, creatures of true flight
voices calling out to others in the darkness of the night
we search for that from which we came and to that which we return
carrying only back with us what spirit has truly learned
circles are completed forgiveness lies within
to complete the broken circles.. to travel once again

I am but pure spirit watch me in my flight
as I soar into the stars that call to me at night
listen to my voice, my heartbeat deep inside
know that in spirit I am once again alive
No ones love will bound me, take away from me
all that Creator intended me to be.

Native American Blessing:
"May the Warm Winds of Heaven Blow
Softly Upon Your House
May the Great Spirit Bless All
Who Enter There.
May Your Mocassins Make Happy
Tracks In Many Snows
And May The Rainbow Always
Touch Your Shoulders"

All the races and tribes in the world
are like different colored flowers in one meadow
~~~~~~All are beautiful~~~~~~
As children of the creator.....
they must be respected.


**Please be kind to one another**

**May we all walk together in peace**

~Music is Last of the Mohicians~

Thanks Pat from New Zealand


~this dove will carry my email~>