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From Katie
Sisters of the Golden Moon does not practice faith of any culture or lifestyle. Our members come from many different cultures and many different faiths as well as many different lifestyles.
Sisters of the Golden Moon is a Sisterhood consisting of women with good hearts who love and respect all regardless of their faith, culture or lifestyle. We condemn no one! If we did, we would only be condemning ourselves.
Sisters of the Golden Moon are tolerant and embrace all. The Golden Moon logo represents our Sisterhood and is not to be construed with any symbolic meaning afixed with any faith or religious belief or lifestyle
. We have love and respect for each sister who lives within this galaxy. We embrace each one with warmth and love. We are Sisters of the Golden Moon.

Very Proud Winner of This Coveted Award

Reception Award for month of Sept 2001
Reception Constellation Award 9/15/01

My First Silver Star       Golden Star for Gold Persona

My First Silver Star - Promotion to GP GoldStar

Receptions First Bronze Star    New BS Logo

Promotion to Bronze Star and New Logo 5/2003

Promotion to Galaxy

Promotion to Galaxy Star 9/18/04

For 1 month

For 6 Months       For 1 year Mbshp

My 6 month and 1yr Anniver.Plaques

For 2 Yr Anniversary    For 3 Yrs Membership

Two Yr Anniversary and Three Yr Anniversary

For 4 Yr.Anniversary    For 5 Yr. Anniv.

Four and Five Yr. Anniversary with SGM

For 6 Yr.Anniversary        

6 and 7 Year Anniversary

Compassion and Dedication Award        Thanks Myst and Crimson
Award for Compassion and Dedication **** GP Award of Appreciation

Feature Star of Msg Bd
Featured Star of Messsage Board9/5/01



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My Reception Quilt Square

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