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My Wish For You

Quiet strolls on moonlit nights, a
playground's endless laughter,
Blooming roses in the spring,
the glow the morning after.

Walking barefoot in the grass,
a poem that makes you cry,
The feel of silk upon your skin,
an eagle when it flies.

Love songs on the radio,
old couples holding hands,
Newborn kitten nursing,
enthusiastic fans.

Sitting on a porch swing,
sipping lemonade,
Admiring the beauty,
in all that God has made.

Watching for a shooting star,a
breeze that cools things down,
The first snow of the winter,
a night out on the town.

Little acts of kindness,
a loving word or two,
Simple things to treasure,
These things I wish for you.

~Author Unknown








*A Tin Lizzie Creation*2/2001



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