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To Tin Lizzie's
Eminent Domain

Hi! So glad you stopped by!
Please come in and browse through my pages.
If you are wondering how I got my name,
well, my father tacked it on me when I
was a small child. Think it had something
to do with a 30's Model A Ford. hmmmmmm
wonder if he thought I was a
With a Native American background & being
spiritually oriented, I have used this
as part of my theme on a few pages.
I hope that you'll enjoy what I've done
so far, sooooo.. Make yourself at home!!



'Promotion' 9/2004

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welcome gift for new SGM mbrs
Welcome gifts for new SGM Members(take and save to your HD)

"The Most Beautiful Things In The World
Cannot Be Seen Or Even Touched,
They Must Be Felt Within The Heart"

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